The Mistra Environmental Communication Research Programme Component at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ)

Public lecture

What it is

Public lectures will be offered by the WP5 related societal partners. The primary aim of these lectures is to have our societal partners share their knowledge with (all of) us, taking into consideration that they should not be obliged to exclusively use an academic or scientific communication repertoire (although this option is not excluded). These lectures are seen as an opportunity for societal partners, and their members, to speak about/from their expertise and knowledge, that might be more related to their practice and experience. For example, an artist can talk about her/his artistic project that reflects on nature, a WP5 team member working for an environment-related organisation about her/his work in the organisation, etc. A lecture could also expand and elaborate on what was previously touched upon in a video letter or unconference.

How it will work

Vaia Doudaki will act as the general coordinator of the public lectures, facilitating their organization. At the same time, societal partners are free to organize public lectures themselves. Therefore, public lectures will be both call-driven, with regular invitations to societal partners to act as lecturers, and ad-hoc, organized through the societal partners’ initiative. The speakers are free to choose their topic, still suggestions by other WP5 team members are welcome. The public lectures are not expected to be lengthy, having an approximate duration of 30-45 minutes. The public lectures can be attended by the WP5 team members, the Mistra Environmental Communication programme members, and the broader community.


The general plan is to have two public lectures per year. This plan can be adjusted to accommodate increased interest or special circumstances. The public lectures can take place the times when consortium meetings are scheduled, but also in other moments and occasions that might serve the logics of the public lectures.

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