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Mediating Change, Changing Media: Special Issue Launch Party!

On 21 October, 2022, a reception was held to celebrate the publication of Central European Journal of Communication (CEJC)’s special issue on Mediating Change, Changing Media, during the 9th European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) Conference in Aarhus, Denmark.

The event, organized by the special issue editors Vaia Doudaki, Nico Carpentier, and Michal Glowacki, was supported by the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at Charles University, and Polish Communication Association.

Some photos from the event follows, with special thanks to Jacek Mikucki for the photography.

Photo credits: Jacek Mikucki

CEJC Special Issue on Mediating Change, Changing Media brings together studies on various types of media and communication practices (e.g., public service media, newspapers, social media, music, photography, poetry, and so on), and subjects of investigation (e.g., climate change, pandemics, homelessness, social protests and activism), with an international perspective – including studies situated in Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands), Africa (Egypt) and Asia (Lebanon, China, Indonesia). These studies on change comprise a diversity of methodologies (e.g., semi-structured interviews, arts-based research, interventions, content analysis-quantitative and qualitative) and theoretical premises (embedded, e.g., in discourse studies, critical theory, journalism studies, participatory theory, alternative media studies).

The publication was supported by Mistra Environmental Communication research program and by the 4EU+ European University Alliance.

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