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The film "Conceptualization of Change" by Kristýna Kopřivová, Nico Carpentier, and Vaia Doudaki will be screened in scope of PAF Olomouc 2022, the 21st Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art, which will take place in Olomouc, Czech Republic, during 1–4 December 2022. The screening of the film will be part of the Other Visions CZ screenings, scheduled for December 2, Friday afternoon.

The first screening of the "Conceptualization of Change", in scope of PAF Olomouc Festival, was organized online on 13 December 2021 together with all the 10 films selected for the Other Visions CZ competition, which was part of the Festival's 2021 edition.

This year, Other Visions CZ films, including "Conceptualization of Change", will also be screened as part of the SPA: Performancebus event during 12-13 November 2022, which will take place on the bus, on the Prague–Oprava route and back.

More about the Conceptualization of Change film:

"Conceptualization of Change" is a 12-minute film that provides a theoretical reflection on the signifier “change”, and its five dimensions: Normativity, Scale and Intensity, Focus, Control and Time. Filmed in Prague, with the integration of archive material that is mostly related to the 1989 Velvet Revolution, the essay unpacks the significatory complexity of change, mapping the diversity of meanings that have been allocated to this notion.
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