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Topical Seminar: Arts-based research in communication and media studies: A series of examples and experiences

Nico Carpentier was invited to do a talk on 6 April 2021 at the Moscow State University's Topical Seminar, on Arts-Based Research in Communication and Media Studies.

The talk started from the different approaches that have been used to move beyond the written academic text, in order to then zoom in on one of these approaches, namely arts-based research. The opportunities (and limitations) of arts-based research were illustrated through several projects, namely the Respublika! project, the Iconoclastic Controversies project, and the Silencing / Unsilencing Nature project. In the latter case the different phases of Silencing / Unsilencing Nature project were discussed, together with the project's interventionist agenda which consists out of a search for better ways of representing the interest of nature in human discourse, without remaining blind for the mechanisms that silence nature.

The entire Topical Seminar can be watched on YouTube here.

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