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Wolf Talks goes to Okara & Lahore, Pakistan

Wolf Talks exhibition will be at the University of Okara and the University of Punjab in Pakistan during February 2022. A first version of this exhibition was part of the 2021 Fotograf Festival in Prague (Czech Republic), with the 12 photographs displayed in 12 different locations. In October 2021, the exhibition was on display at the Hollar Gallery, also in Prague.

Exhibition website:

Okara Exhibition
2 - 3 February 2022
University of Okara
Okara, Pakistan
in scope of AMCAP-UO-2022 International Media Conference

Lahore Exhibition
8 - 13 February 2022, 10:00 to 15:00 hrs.
University of the Punjab
Institute of English Studies
Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore, Pakistan

More about Wolf Talks: The Wolf Talks exhibition is an arts-based research project, created by Nico Carpentier, that combines photography and sound art to analyse and rethink the power dynamics of the discursive-material relationships between human and non-human animals. The series of 12 photographs combines wolf portraits, cat-face filters and super-imposed theoretical questions. Deeply conscious of all contradictions related to humans speaking on behalf of animals, this exhibition experiments with a lupocentric position to induce empathy and respect.

Collaboration / Support: This research has been supported by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, through the research programme Mistra Environmental Communication, by the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at Charles University, Czech Republic, by SQRIDGE, and by Fotograf Festival.

The exhibitions in Okara and Lahore, Pakistan are supported by AMCAP, the University of the Punjab, its Institute of English Studies and its Human Rights Chair, and the University of Okara.

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