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Winter Newsletter 2021

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Welcome to the second newsletter from us. We are Work Package 5, one of the five WPs of the research programme MISTRA Environmental Communication (MEC)in which we focus on arts and media. The MISTRA-EC is the Swedish research programme reframing environmental communication by mainstreaming an advanced and inclusive understanding or environmental communication in research, policy and practice. At the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ) at Charles University in Prague, we do research on the communication of environmental and sustainability issues in Swedish arts and media.

Interview with Vaia Doudaki

Vaia Doudaki is Researcher at Charles University in Prague. In the MISTRA-EC project, she is responsible for the non-academic partner participation and joint knowledge production. On January 2021 the new article From Stakeholders to Joint Knowledge Production Partners: The Participatory Development of Guiding Principles and Toolkit to Structure the Participation of Non-academic Partners in Academic Research of her and Nico Carpentier has been published. Read the interview with Vaia Doudaki here

Interview with Ylva Hillström

Ylva Hillström is a curator at the Education department at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. She has a strong engagement in environmental issues and initiated Moderna Museet’s online platform Acclimatize in 2016. This project was the basis for the Art Symposium Acclimatize organized by Moderna Museet on February 2021. Read the interview with Ylva Hillström here

A Portugues translation of Nico Carpentier's article Communication Academic Knowledge Beyond the Written Academic Text

The academic article of Nico Carpentier called Communication Academic Knowledge Beyond the Written Academic Text: An Auto-Ethnographic Analysis of the Mirror Palace of Democracy Installation Experiment (online article in English) has been translated and published in Portuguese. The Portuguese translation is called Comunicando o conhecimento acadêmico além do texto acadêmico escrito: uma análise autoetnográfica do experimento da instalação Mirror Palace of Democracy (online article in Portuguese).

New output: From stakeholders to joint knowledge production partners

The new peer-reviewed article of our researchers Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier named From stakeholders to joint knowledge production partners: The participatory development of guiding principles and toolkit to structure the participation of non-academic partners in academic research has got published in Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation.

The Series of videos of International Colloquium Mediating Change

On the FSV YouTube channel the videos of participants who spoke at the International Colloquium Mediating Change were published. This event was organised by ICSJ and took place online on 20-21 November 2020.

New members of MISTRA-EC@ICSJ

The MISTRA-EC@ICSJ welcomes three new members:

  • Björn Eriksson is a Research Assistant for the MISTRA-EC project at Charles University in Prague.
  • Kirill Filimonov is Researcher at Charles University in Prague. In the MISTRA-EC project, he is responsible for a series of audiovisual case studies in 2021.
  • Gerardo Costabile Nicoletta is visiting post-doc at the ICSJ of Charles University. In 2021, Gerardo is responsible for the audio-visual case study on finance and environment within the WP5

Events: International Colloquium Mediating Change

International Colloquium ‘Mediating Change’, online, 20-21 November 2020 The conference was organised by the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at Charles University. During two days, more than 20 academics from all over the world presented various kinds of contributions that were divided into the following topic sessions: Mediating environmental struggles; Continuity and change; Technology and media use: Cities, games, children; Mediating crisis: health, economy, migration; Representing identities; and Political change, propaganda and policy making.

More information about the colloquium can be found here.

The sessions led to the series of videos available here.

Events: Acclimatize Symposium

Acclimatize Symposium, Moderna Museet, February 2021 The Acclimatize Symposium investigated the evolving role of museums in contemporary society, especially in the climate crisis. The project explored how museums, exhibitions and artists situate themselves in addressing sustainability, what challenges are present that hinder the world of fine art from more acutely taking action towards more sustainability, as well as, defining what tools are needed and available to overcome these issues. MISTRA-EC@ICSJ’s Nico Carpentier participated (indirectly) in the event through his project Silencing/Unsilencing Nature (part of the larger Lyssna! Project - more info about Lyssna! project). Read the report of Björn Eriksson on the Symposium here.

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