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Spring Newsletter 2022

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Welcome to our Spring 2022 Newsletter! In our newsletters, we share highlights from Work Package 5, one of the five WPs of the research programme MISTRA Environmental Communication (MISTRA-EC), in which we focus on arts and media. The MISTRA-EC is a Swedish research programme that aims at reframing environmental communication by mainstreaming an advanced and inclusive understanding of environmental communication in research, policy and practice. At the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ) at Charles University in Prague, we do research on the communication of environmental and sustainability issues in Swedish arts and media.

Interview with Martin Westin - Dialogues on Sustainability: Is it ever possible?

Martin Westin is a researcher at the Division of Environmental Communication of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His experience includes over 15 years of work with participatory planning and change processes in Sweden and abroad. Martin’s research and practice interest revolves around the role of facilitation in multi-stakeholder collaboration in view of transforming complex, contested and uncertain sustainability situations. Within Mistra-EC, he is the leader of Work Package (WP1) on dialogue-based governance in sustainability.

Read the interview with Martin Westin here

Something is in the AiR! Mistra-EC launches artist-in-residence program, with open calls for Prague and Uppsala

Mistra-EC launches artist-in-residence program, with open calls for 
Prague and Uppsala. The artist-in-residences (AiRs) invite artists to collaborate in a dialogical fashion with academics at the Mistra Environmental Communication research programme, to develop creative work that situates environmental communication in art and explores academic research through an artistic lens, in order to unlock new perspectives on environmental communication.

Read more about AiR here

Conflicting and entangled human–nature relationships: A discursive-material analysis of the documentary film Kiruna - A Brand New World

The academic article by Nico Carpentier, Vaia Doudaki and Anna Rozsypal Pajerová titled Conflicting and entangled human–nature relationships: A discursive-material analysis of the documentary film Kiruna - A Brand New World (open access) has been published in the People and Nature.

Videos: New Modes of Environmental Communication: Four Street Art Experiments

This documentary film by Ali Minanto reflects on how knowledge about the environment is produced and shared in creative ways, moving beyond the, sometimes, narrow spaces of academia, without disregarding academic knowledge.It features the experiment, where researchers Nico Carpentier and Vaia Doudaki based at Charles University in Prague and affiliated to the Mistra Environmental Communication Research Program and the 4EU+ European University Alliance, commissioned four Indonesian street artists to produce four street artworks in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta.

Read more about the film here

Videos: Conceptualization of Change

The film, by Kristýna Kopřivová, Nico Carpentier and Vaia Doudaki provides a theoretical reflection on the signifier “change”, and its five dimensions: Normativity, Scale and Intensity, Focus, Control and Time. Filmed in Prague, with the integration of archive material that is mostly related to the 1989 Velvet Revolution, the essay unpacks the significatory complexity of change, mapping the diversity of meanings that have been allocated to this notion.

Read more about the film here

Upcoming Events: Conflict, Environment and Sustainability: Transdisciplinary Interrogations

The event, originated in the shade of yet another military conflict deeply troubling the entire world, brings together academicians, activists, and artists for a critical reflection on the often under-represented interconnections between conflict, environment, and sustainability, with a focus on the entanglements between humanitarian and environmental impacts of violent conflict, in its many faces: from military activities and war, to various indirect forms of violence affecting local communities and indigenous populations, where environment itself becomes a site for struggle.

More information about the event can be found on this link

Upcoming Events: "Conceptualization of Change" and "New Forms of Environmental Communication" to be screened at IAMCR 2022

The two films will be screened at the Flow 34 of the IAMCR 2022 Conference, which will be held online from 11 to 15 July, 2022. Flow 34 aims to stimulate the use of a broader range of modes for the communication of academic knowledge, integrating academic and aesthetic dimensions.

More information about the event can be found on this link

Past Events: Protecting nature: How conservation efforts reflect human/nature relationships?

This 3rd unconference, organised by Mistra-EC@ICSJ in October 2021, brought together four speakers; Karin Englund and Daniel Urey from Färgfabriken, Ludvig Tillman from Greenpeace, Pella Thiel from End Ecocide Sweden & Rights of Nature Sweden, and Jörgen Andersson from Nordiskt Nätverk för Regenerativt Lantbruk, who talked about a diverse set of perspectives on nature conservation and protection, and called for re-definitions of nature, and human-nature relationships on the basis of co-existence in a “living whole”.

Read the event report here

Video Screenings: New Screening of Conceptualization of Change

The film "Conceptualization of Change" was screened on March 21, 2022 at the Ponrepo Cinema in Prague, in scope of Other Visions CZ, which was part of PAF Olomouc 2021, the 20th Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art.
 The first screening of the film, together with all 10 films selected for Other Visions CZ, was organized online on 13 December 2021. The film is also selected for screening in AAG Shorts 2022, and can be watched online at Filmgeographies platform after registration.

Read more about the screenings here

Exhibitions: Wolf Talks meets its visitors in Prague and Pakistan

The Wolf Talks exhibition was on display at the University of Okara and the University of Punjab in Pakistan during February 2022. A first version of this exhibition was part of the 2021 Fotograf Festival in Prague (Czech Republic), with the 12 photographs displayed in 12 different locations. In October 2021, the exhibition was on display at the Hollar Gallery, also in Prague.

Read more about Wolf Talks in Pakistan here

Read more about Wolf Talks in Prague here


You can view the recent presentations and talks made by WP5 researchers here.

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